The S3 Log Analyser

Welcome to The S3 Log Analyser, a tool for visualising access logs generated by Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Specifically, this tool interprets log files generated by AWS when requests are made to an S3 bucket (e.g. for a static website) or to a CloudFront distribution.
Log files need to be stored in an S3 bucket that can be accessed using credentials you enter below. Take a look at the help for further information.

Start Here

Connect to an S3 Bucket

Enter AWS credentials below (or load some saved ones if you have been here before)

You will need to have permission to make GET requests to the bucket, take a look at the help for more information. Credentials are never transmitted to our servers & saved credentials are only stored in your browser. To prevent your browser becoming unresponsive only the first 10,000 objects in the bucket will be processed.

The key's secret
Region in which your S3 bucket is hosted
Name of the bucket containing the log files
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Now filter by type and date

Filter Log Files

Start by selecting a log type
Select Log Type
Then select a date range or use the presets
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Preset Filters
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Chart AreaNothing to show, use controls above to load some data

Congratulations, we have retrieved some data to show!

Browse the charts and tables below for an insight into access patterns over the time period selected. Use the pie charts to dynamically filter all the displays by clicking on segment of interest. Click the segment again to clear your selection. Change the date filter or reset the page using the buttons supplied.

Requests Over Time (per day)


User Agent

HTTP Status Code

Bytes Sent Over Time (per day)


Top 10 URL Paths Requested

Slowest 10 Requests
by Average Processing Time